Manfred Kets de Vries

The Personality Audit (2002)

As one step on your journey to knowing yourself, you may take The Personality Audit, which was designed to help you in your personal growth and development to help you undertake the journey from where you are to where you want to be.

This is an online survey in which the following seven dimensions (presented as polarities) are observed:
1. Low / High Self-Esteem
2. Vigilance / Trust
3. Laissez-Faire / Conscientiousness
4. Self-Effacement / Assertiveness
5. Introversion / Extroversion
6. Low Spirited / High Spirited
7. Prudent / Adventurous

The survey is completed by the participant and 3-5 observers (observers to include are a significant other, a superior and a subordinate). It is not an anonymous survey.

As a result of The Personality Audit process, you will be able to:
- Understand the advantages of 360° feedback
- Describe and understand the 7 personality dimensions
- Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in each dimension
- Learn more about aspects of your leadership style
- Develop an action plan for using the feedback to further your growth and development

Furthermore, if you are using The Personality Audit in an existing working group, you will be better able to:
- Create a high performance team (and make virtual teams more effective)
- Enable true knowledge management in your organization by exchanging best practices
- Create an organization in which people are not hindered by functional or divisional boundaries


The Personality Audit: Self
The Personality Audit: Other
The Personality Audit: Protocol


The Personality Audit (PA) is not published outside of INSEAD. As soon as it is available on the market we will post details here. Meanwhile, please contact INSEAD’s Executive Development Department, or the IGLC, if you would like to run a company-specific program at INSEAD using the PA.

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