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The Organizational Culture Audit
The Organizational Culture Audit

Organizational culture is the foundation upon which an organization’s vision, mission, strategy, structure, and principles are based; it makes up the organization’s uniqueness and identity. In order to remain competitive, an organization needs constantly to evaluate its values and practices to ensure they are aligned with corporate strategy. In fact, periodically assessing and modifying corporate culture is a key to the success of an organization as it adapts to an increasingly turbulent external environment.

What an organization strives to be and what executives think they endorse may be different from the beliefs and values that are actually being played out. It is therefore critical to find out what those beliefs and values really are before deciding what they should be.

The Organizational Culture Audit (OCA) is designed to give you a comprehensive diagnostic of your current corporate culture as well as a detailed understanding of the culture you are aiming at, by examining employees' perceptions of the organization's current practices and the values they consider important.

The Organizational Culture Audit covers 12 dimensions of organizational culture that research and interviews with large numbers of senior executives have shown to be the most salient in high-performing global organizations:

No two organizations are alike, and the OCA is meant to identify the unique and critical values that form the foundation of an organization. It is individualized to highlight the values that are perceived to be the most important to an organization, as well as the discrepancies between those values and the current organizational practices.


Organizational Culture Audit: Participant's Workbook
Organizational Culture Audit: Facilitator's Guide


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