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Inner Theatre Inventory

Some of us work to live, others live to work, and others want to have it all. Some of us are satisfied with our lives, others deeply dissatisfied. We each have a very specific outlook toward the world, a unique inner theatre. The thematic imagery in our inner theatre—the scripts—determines our way of interpreting the world and influences our behaviour and actions. Our inner scripts help us make meaning out of our experiences and influence what we value. They explain why we do what we do and why we behave in certain ways.

So what are these motivators? What happens in our inner theatre? What are the scripts that colour our outlook on life? Why does their inner imagery make some people content with their lives, while others remain deeply troubled?

Answers to these questions are not easily found, as our individual make-up is complex. And that complexity is increased by the fact that what we see is not necessarily what we get. To identify the drivers of our inner theatre, it is not sufficient to look at manifest behaviour; it is essential that our observations take into account underlying motivational forces. We need to engage in a process of deconstruction, and for that—a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery—we have to cultivate self-awareness. We need a better understanding of why we do what we do and what it is that makes us tick.

Through self-exploration and self-analysis we can create greater awareness of our values, beliefs, and attitudes. This is rarely a journey we can take on our own, however. We are not always aware of blind spots that may hamper us in our effectiveness. We may need the help of others. The Inner Theatre Inventory is a 360° survey instrument designed to help executives and others in their personal growth and development – to navigate the journey of self-discovery. The insights provided by the Inventory help executives understand the drivers in their inner theatre—the values, beliefs, and attitudes that guide their behaviour.

The Inner Theatre Inventory questionnaire is designed to help executives understand and use the feedback they receive, and ultimately to do the following:


Inner Theatre Inventory: Participant's Workbook
Inner Theatre Inventory: Facilitator's Guide


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